Crusher Plant

Crusher Plant

CDS Infra Projects , an engineering company of high repute in the design and supply of crushing equipment, offers a complete crushing-screening-conveying programme backed by uncompromising quality and expert service.

we have developed world-class plants and equipment indigenously, surpassing customer expectations. Our commitment to customers and their faith in our expertise has motivated us to develop high product configurations with rock solid reliability.

There are a couple of steps to optimizing a crushing circuit– firstly to optimize machine performance, and secondly to optimize the overall performance of your circuit.

Optimizing a machine involves verifying all aspects of your equipment to maximize process and mechanical performance. The crusher’s chamber is a good place to start. Over the life of a mine, the production goals of a single crushing stage can change significantly. Ore properties can also show a high degree of variability. If the crusher wear parts are not customized to these changing conditions, it can produce less and require more costly maintenance. Once the chamber is optimized, many benefits are passed on to the entire mineral processing plant. This can include increased liner life, better end product gradation and reduced energy consumption.

Process optimization can only get you so far as you are working with the limitations of your existing assets. If your crusher is an older model and is restricted by design, you might consider upgrading your machine. Upgrades are a great way to get new life out of your equipment while only using a small portion of your budget. With many options to choose from, upgrades can be staged across multiple years, adding annual benefits while matching periodic CAPEX limits. Upgrades can help you increase your annual production through the reduction of downtime. Older models may not have efficient tramp clearing functionality which can lead to excessive downtime and high maintenance costs. Upgrading to a hydraulic tramp release and clearing system can ensure that you will be back up and running quickly.

At the end of the day, technology continues to advance and crushers are no exception. Newest generation crushers can provide significant improvements to crushing capacity, end product gradation, reduction ratios and offer better control of the feed opening when adjusting crusher settings. With a new machine in place, you can expect a major jump in plant capacity and improved operational costs of the crushing stage itself. Additionally, downstream elements such as screens, conveyors, and mills may also benefit. Overall, when considering new equipment, it comes down to evaluating if the CAPEX needed will be offset by the added value from the new technology.

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