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Our Ongoing Projects


Ongoing Projects
# Name of the Contract Client Work Length Rs. Cr.
#1 Upgradation of Raebareli-Banda NH-232 in the State of Uttar Pradesh. NHAI Road & Bridge Work 133 kms 424.50
#2 Widening and Reconstruction from Km 268.000 to Km 300.000 of NH-58 in the state of Uttarakhand. MORTH Road Work 32 kms 147.47
#3 Rehabilitation and Upgradation of NH-64 from Km. 0.000 to km 50.000 (Zirakpur to Patiala Section) to 4-lane in the State of Punjab on EPC basis. MORTH Road & Bridge Work 50 Kms 607.00
#4 Rehabilitation and Upgradation from km 285.000 to 326.000 of NH 76 (Kalupur - Lalata Road) to two lane with paved shoulder in the state of Uttar Pradesh. MORTH Road & Bridge Work 40 kms 161.88
#5 Rehabilitation and Up-gradation from km 326.000 to 379.555 of NH-76 (Mau-Jasra) on EPC mode in the state of Uttar Pradesh. MORTH Road & Bridge Work 54 kms 139.88
#6 Rehabilitation and Up gradation of Kabrai-Banda Section from km 178 to 215 of NH -76 in the State of Uttar Pradesh. MORTH Road & Bridge Work 37 kms 124.88
#7 Balance work of 4-laning of Lalghati to Mubarakapur section of NH-12 in Bhopal from Km 315.725 to Km 324.00 (Package-I) on EPC mode in the State of MP. NHAI Road & Bridge Work 09 kms 221.88
#8 Balance Work for Bhopal –Biaora Section of NH-12 from Km 324.000 to Km 423.400 (Package-II) in the State of MP on EPC Mode. NHAI Road & Bridge Work 99 kms 511.88
#9 Balance work for Four Laning of Obedullaganj to Itarsi Section of NH-69 from km. 2.800 to km. 8.300 and from km. 20.700 to km. 63.000 (Design Length 46.3 km.), excluding km. 8.300 to 20.700 Wild Life Area in the state of MP (Package-I / NH-69). NHAI Road & Bridge Work 46 kms 609.36
#10 Rehabilitation and upgradation of Goharganj to Bhopal section of NH-12 from existing km 255/300 to km 301/200 including construction of Obedullaganj bypass from existing km 278/450 of NH-12 to existing km 3/600 of NH-69 in MP on EPC Mode. MORTH Road Work 48 kms 529.88
Site Operation
  • Centrodorstroy lays great emphasis on quality of work to be executed. The activities are conducted as per Indian Standards (MORTH specifications and IRC Codes) complete to the satisfaction of Client and end-users.
  • All materials to be used are tested (in in-house laboratory and independent laboratory) prior to incorporation in works.

Batching Plant in Operation

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Earth Work

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