A try in the direction of better Society and Humanity

Prayatn is our attempt to make the world more convenient for the poor.
We call ourselves Prayatns, because we take CSR a step further with meaningful trial without expecting anything from the society

For us, caring for and sharing with others around us is not just a company responsibility, but a core human moral. A single piece of food can feed one person for a day, but educating someone gives them the ability to feed a family for a lifetime. We make a living by receiving, but we make a life by giving.

Kindness is igniting someone else's inner spark with your own. As a firm, CDS believes that we can only succeed by helping others succeed. And there is no greater way to ignite someone else's candle than to educate them. We elevate economically dragged populations in a socially and responsible manner by giving them with the resources they require to better their life.

Elevating Poors and Disables

We are all standing on the shoulders of people who helped shape the civilization we live in today. Our elderly are institutions in and of themselves, having helped to shape the modern community. It's past time for them to pay back everything they've provided to the world. At CDS, we visit old-age homes and orphanages and spend time with those; after all, that is all they require. Their smiles are like the light breaking through the clouds after a stormy day.

Let's be together

We are citizens of the world, citizens of humanity, citizens of peace, compassion, love, and harmony.
Come and be the change, not just a part of it.
Every volunteer, educator, and social professional; every person reading this may stoke the fire that warms their hearts by bringing joy to others.

Prayatn in the areas like:

  • Caring Dying Destitute
  • Putting an End to Hunger
  • Assisting Socially and Economically
  • Increasing Support for Healthcare Initiatives in crises
  • Charitable Activities for the Old-age People
  • Always give helping hand for disabled peoples