Digital Transformation

Digital transformation plays a vital role in the highway construction domain by binding the power of digital technologies to make operations more efficient, productive, and safe.

At CDS, we are in the process of implementing an ERP to connect all functional verticals together with digital technologies, both at the management level of a monitoring and at the field level of a construction project

Major Benefits :

  • Improved productivity: It helps in the planning, designing, and administration of construction processes, as well as the environment and operations.
  • Increased safety and risk mitigation: A highway project has various risks involved and digital technologies can assist in mitigating those risks.
  • High-quality roads and structures: Human errors in construction engineering and operation can be reduced using digital technologies. It can assist in the creation of precise designs and paperwork, and in the overall modelling of roads and structures.
  • Improved collaboration: Digital transformation can create a common data environment, which can improve collaboration and speed up the workflow between departments, subcontractors and suppliers in the building supply chain.